Do you own a home or business that is in need of asphalt paving, surface leveling, or chip sealing? Are you trying to decide which service is right for you? Here’s an overview of our services and how they can help you.

Asphalt Paving Services that Are a Step Above the Rest

Tom’s Construction and Paving is an experienced provider of asphalt paving for both homes and businesses. Asphalt pavement is commonly used on roads, parking lots, and playgrounds, and is a durable, cost-effective, and long-lasting surface for many different needs.

With maintenance – which we can also help you with – asphalt pavement can last up to 35 years. It’s easy to maintain with minor repairs every now and then, and we can help you with resurfacing, when necessary. Luckily, asphalt pavement is not as prone to cracking as other surfaces like concrete. It makes for a smooth ride and even helps eliminate some noise.

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Surface Leveling Services for All Types of Needs

Tom’s Construction and Paving provides surface leveling for various needs of commercial and residential clients in the St. Peter area. Whether you need help with just surface leveling, including dirt removal, or you need surface leveling as the first step to your larger asphalt pavement project, we can help. We will clear, treat, and level your area so you can get your new parking lot, driveway, or other paved surface moving. Say goodbye to potholes and bumps – our team will get your surface smooth and spotless.

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Chip Sealing Services for a Rustic, No Maintenance Surface

Have you heard about our chip sealing services? This technique is a unique way to get a rustic, natural look to your surface, and it’s a service that our team has years of experience with. Even though chip sealing, or tar and chip, may sound unfamiliar, you’ve definitely walked or driven over a tar and chip surface before.

The process works by laying down asphalt then covering it with crushed rocks, and there are many benefits to using this method for a surface. First, it is extremely low maintenance – it pretty much takes care of itself. Second, it is extremely cost-effective – being even lower in price than asphalt and just a step above gravel. Third, the construction process is nothing compared to concrete and even asphalt – you can use your chip sealed surface in less than 24 hours after it’s laid down. Lastly, it gives a very natural and rustic feel – it’s a beautiful way to add timeless character to your home or business.

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Who Are Our Clients

Tom’s Construction and Paving helps a wide range of both residential and commercial clients with everything from roadways and driveways to parking lots and playgrounds. Regardless of whether you own a home or business in St. Peter, or you’re located in the surrounding area, we want to help you get your job done right.

We frequently help with public and private roads, parking lots, and playgrounds for our commercial clients, while for our residential clients, we are often working on sidewalks, driveways, and county roads. For churches, we give a 10% discount on any of our services, and all of our clients get a free consultation and estimate on our services.

Why Choose Tom’s Construction and Paving

Tom’s Construction and Paving is a customer-focused paving and construction company. Our goal is to get the job done right and exceed customer expectations. We use the right tools and practices on every job, and our contractors are highly trained and skilled to complete any task at hand.

We’ve been in business for over 25 years, and we work hard to achieve the results you want. Customer satisfaction is our top priority, and we’d love to help you any way we can, at any time you need us. We are available around the clock for all of our clientele.

Hire Tom’s Construction and Paving for Your Asphalt, Chip Sealing & Surface Leveling Jobs

We’re ready to get to work on the job you have in your St. Peter area home or business. Start with a free consultation and estimate by calling our team today at (612)209-9834. We are excited to get started!

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